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Template Features

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The Focus Joomla Template is a responsive Joomla template with a spectacular integrated background slideshow gallery.

Focus Template features at a glance.

  • Amazing full screen background slideshow integrated into the template
  • A responsive layout that morphs according to the browser width.
  • 10 Simple colour hilite choices
  • Unique K2 Joomla template
  • Joomla 1.5 and 1.7 template and quickstart available
  • Source PSD and PNG  included

Zen Grid Framework  Features

The Zen Grid Framework is our very own Joomla template framework that was developed to make life easier for Joomla developers and designers alike. The framework is a feature rich and easy to use platform for designing, developing and using Joomla websites.

You can see a full run down of the framework's features on the Joomlabamboo site.

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